Sugidama (Cider Ball)
The Shop Sign that Announces New Sake

Sugidama The Shop Sign that Announces New Sake
  • Size: Sugidama diameter: 50cm

Shops in Japan have long used signs such as the shop name written on cloth, a noren (shop curtain) with the brand on it, or wooden signs. Under the eaves of a sake brewery you will always see a sugidama, a bundle of leaves from the sacred cryptomeria (sugi) tree. This sugidama is also called a “sakabayashi” (sake forest), and was originally used as a shop sign, with a new one hung to advertise that new sake had been freshly brewed. In the Edo period, this was the custom in the Kan’ei era (1624-1645) when our company was founded

Now, the sugidama hung under the eaves of a sake brewer at the start of the sake production season is symbolic of a sake brewery. The shimenawa (straw festoon) hung over the large sliding door symbolizes the barrier delineating the entrance between the profane exterior world and the sacred world of the sake brewery.

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