I wanna be the Home-Run King!
Yakyu Kozo (Baseball Kid)

Finally Going to be Home Run King! Yakyu Kozo (Baseball Kid)

  • Period: 1934
  • Material: Silk-screen printed wood
  • Dimensions: Total height: 185 cm (figure height: 106 cm), Width: 55 cm

A standing sign designed to promote bottled sake in retail outlets, inspired by the visit to Japan in 1934 of the American Major League's home run king Babe Ruth. He stands with his white uniform, the“月” (moon; the first character in“Gekkeikan”) on his hat, his socks with a single line each, and holding a giant brown bottle with the“Gekkeikan” logo writ large in place of a bat, and with a crown for a seal.

Starting in the Meiji period, Gekkeikan had already begun emphasizing the sales of bottled sake, bottled at the brewery, over barreled sake that would be sold by volume from the barrel, which was the most common form at the time. We have always been trying to improve quality: in 1909, we built Japan's first bottling plant, in 1910, we started selling small sake bottles that came with their own cups at train stations, and in 1911 we launched Japan's first preservative-free bottled sake. Then in 1928, we started using brown colored sake bottles to prevent the sake quality from being affected by ultraviolet light. In 1931 we set up a full-scale bottling plant, and started supplying sake bottled on modern production lines to the entire country.

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