Corporate brand concept

We at Gekkeikan established our corporate brand concept and statement in order to better conduct our business in line with clearly defined organizational goals and business strategies and further our development as a company that benefits the market and society at large.

1. Developed brand concept “Aiming for health, researching and developing sake, and creating refreshment.”

We established this concept in 2002 to clearly define the goals we felt fitting for a leading sake maker to both create greater value for our customers and achieve further growth.

We adopted the themes of

  1. health, a major topic of the current times and priority of society,
  2. sake research, one of our core strengths, and
  3. creation of refreshment, the root of sake's appeal to all kinds of people.

Corporate brand concept

2. Adopted corporate statement, “For your lifestyle taste.”

We chose the phrase “For Your Lifestyle Taste.” as the corporate brand statement to encapsulate our corporate brand concept. We use it to symbolize our mission in a wide range of communication activities, including advertising and sales promotions.

3. Business strategy themes

We are pursuing the following four key business strategies:

  1. Further development and expansion of our sake business
  2. Development and expansion of non-sake alcoholic beverage business
  3. Further development of overseas business
  4. Launch and development of new businesses unrelated to alcoholic beverages
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