Privacy policy

We would like to assure users of this Gekkeikan website that we treat all personal information provided with a high level of care, taking every precaution to guard against such risks as divulgence, misappropriation, falsification or destruction of the personal information provided, and to protect user rights and comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal information.

1. Gathering of personal information
To provide better services, we may, for questionnaire surveys, email distribution, sample distribution, sweepstakes, product sales and other purposes, collect personal information through this website that could be used to identify individual users. Provision of information is in principle at the discretion of users, and we shall gather only such information as is required to achieve the stated purpose, using only legal and equitable methods, and only after clearly stating the purpose of such information collection.
Users should feel free to withhold personal information, but on the understanding that doing so may prevent them from using the services offered through this website.
2. Management and protection of personal information
Persons entrusted with the management of personal information on this website will treat any personal information provided by users with the utmost care, implementing security measures to prevent illegal access, and loss, destruction or falsification of data. Databases and other materials containing the personal information of users are stringently managed, with access being restricted only to a limited number of access rights holders.
To provide users with better service, we may outsource personal information management tasks pertaining to this website. In such cases, utmost care will be taken to select outsourcees known by us for their reliability in the proper handling of personal information, and to ensure that the entrusted personal information is appropriately managed, including prohibition on re-use, maintenance of confidentiality and other measures to prevent divulgence of personal information.
3. Restrictions on use of personal information
We use the personal information collected through this website only to the extent required to achieve the stated purpose as displayed beforehand to users, and we take great care to ensure that the rights of users are fully protected.
We may send information of various types either directly or through an outsourcee in the form of emails etc. to users who have provided personal information. We shall cease sending this information if customers inform us or the outsourcee concerned that they do not wish to continue receiving it.
4. Provision of personal information to third parties
We shall never disclose or provide personal information to third parties other than outsourcees without the consent of the user providing the information, except in the following cases:
  1. Compliance with laws and regulations
  2. Cases in which such information is essential to the protection of human life and property, and obtaining the consent of the user concerned is difficult
  3. Cases in which such information is particularly essential to improving public hygiene and promoting the wholesome upbringing of children, and obtaining the consent of the user concerned is difficult
  4. Cases in which we are required to cooperate with central government agencies or local public authorities, or with the execution of affairs commissioned by such parties in compliance with laws and regulations, and there is a possibility that obtaining the consent of the user might interfere with the execution of said affairs.
5. Disclosure, correction and deletion of personal information
In the event that a user requests to be shown personal information provided to this website, we shall heed such requests without delay after first verifying the identity of the user making the request. Similarly, in the event of requests to correct or delete personal information provided, we shall heed such requests without delay in the event that there are grounds for such correction or deletion, after first verifying the identity of the user making the request.
6. Use of cookies
We use cookies on parts of this website. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to the user's web browser from a web site's server. Cookies are a popular Internet technology used on a great many websites to improve services and convenience. Users can configure their web browsers to refuse cookies, or to warn them when a cookie has been accepted. Users refusing cookies may not be able to use all of the services available on this website.
7. Access history
Information indicating that a user has visited this website is recorded in the access history of our web server. This access history is used to compile and analyze statistics on usage of this site, and not for any other purposes. However, please note that we may check access history if necessary, such as when the conditions of use of this website have been violated. We may also disclose access history to public authorities (courts, police, etc.) in the event that we are asked to do so by said authorities.
8. Scope of protection of personal information
Scope of protection is limited to this website, and we bear no liability for the handling of personal information on other websites for which links are provided on this website. We recommend that users check on the privacy policies of websites they visit in order protect themselves from abuse of personal information.
9. Internal compliance
With regard to the handling of personal information on this website, all persons engaged by Gekkeikan, including company officers, employees, temporary staffers dispatched by personnel agencies, and part-time and casual employees are required to appropriately protect and maintain the personal information of users in conformance with our Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Information.
10. Revision of this policy
We may revise this privacy policy in order to better protect the personal information of users or in conjunction with changes the laws and regulations of Japan. Since we do not notify users in person of the details of such revisions, we recommend that users check this page occasionally.
11. Inquiries
Personal Information Assistance Desk, Customer Assistance Office

Date enacted: September 10, 2004
Date revised: September 6, 2005

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