News Release(200606_A) June 8, 2006

Gekkeikan’s “Horin” Wins Grand Gold Medal
at Monde Selection


Gekkeikan's “Horin”

Gekkeikan’s top class sake, “Horin” brand junmai daiginjo (literally “pure rice ultra premium quality sake”), has been awarded a Grand Gold Medal in the Spirits & Liqueurs Division of the 2006 Monde Selection international food and beverage competition.

Horin is made from a combination of two Japanese sake-brewing rice varieties – Gohyakumangoku and Yamada Nishiki – which are milled to 50% their original size. Brewed slowly at low temperatures, this sake develops a pleasantly rich fragrance and smooth taste. Horin's name is derived from a combination of two mythical creatures from ancient Chinese tradition: the fantastic long-tailed Ho-O bird and the Kirin, a virtuous beast resembling a cross between a deer and ox.

In addition to Horin’s Grand Gold Medal, three other Gekkeikan products won Gold Medals: “Gekkeikan Nouvelle” special honjozo sake, “Bizan Gold” rice shochu (a Grand Gold Medal winner in 2005), and “Bizan Super” rice shochu (shochu is a distilled Japanese beverage).

Monde Selection is a globally-renowned food and beverages organization based in the Belgian capital of Brussels. Since 1961, Monde Selection has held an annual competition to select and pay recognition to outstanding food and beverage products from around the world. Monde Selection Grand Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded based on the evaluations of its juries of experts to the best entries in various food and beverage categories.

◆ Competition : 2006 Monde Selection
◆ Category entered : Spirits & Liqueurs
◆ Award ceremony : Monday, June 26 in Prague, Czech Republic
◆ Award-winning products : "Horin" junmai daiginjo sake 720 ml: (Grand Gold Medal)
"Gekkeikan Nouvelle" special honjozo sake 720 ml: (Gold Medal)
"Bizan Gold" rice shochu 720 ml: (Gold Medal)
"Bizan Super" rice shochu 720 ml: (Gold Medal)

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