Gekkeikan Tokusen Sake Receives the IWC Great Value Champion Sake 2018 Award at the IWC 2018 Sake Competition
The Pinnacle of Sake with High Quality and Superior Cost Performance

July 20, 2018

IWC 2018 award ceremony
IWC 2018 award ceremony in London, UK, July 10 (local time). From left to right: Kenichi Ohashi, Master of Wine and co-chairman of the IWC Sake Competition; Hiroshi Okura, Managing Director of Gekkeikan Sake Co., Ltd.; Kazuhiro Maegaki, chairman of the Sake Samurai Association, a junior council of the Japan Sake Brewers Association; and Andrew Reed, president of IWC host William Reed Business Media (UK publishing company).

Gekkeikan Tokusen received the IWC Great Value Champion Sake 2018 award at the international wine tasting competition International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2018. Of the 1,639 entries in the Sake Competition, Gekkeikan Tokusen was the only entry to be appraised as a high-quality sake with superior cost performance (at least 100,000 bottles in 720 ml units produced at a retail price of JPY 1,000 or less in Japan). The awards were announced at the IWC 2018 Awards Dinner held at the Grosvenor House Hotel (JW Marriott) in London, United Kingdom, on July 10 (local time), which was attended by Gekkeikan’s Managing Director Hiroshi Okura.

Gekkeikan Tokusen is brewed in the Honjozo style, which involves carefully polishing high-quality brown rice perfectly suited to brewing and fermenting it slowly at a low temperature to bring out its flavor at a moderate level of maturity. With an elegant fragrance and a full, refined flavor, it is distinguished by its ability to complement food without overpowering the flavor of the latter, which is why it has long been used by many Japanese restaurants in Kyoto, where Gekkeikan is brewed.

The IWC (headquarters based in London, UK) was established in 1984 and is known as the world's largest wine tasting competition. The Sake Competition was instituted in addition to the Wine Competition in 2007, and was held for the 12th time this year. IWC judging follows a very strict process and is fairly carried out by Masters of Wine (highest wine qualification): proprietors, sommeliers, buyers, writers, and other representatives of the industry.

The IWC 2018 Sake Competition received the highest ever number of entries at 1,639, of which 97 received Gold medals. Of the entries in the Honjozo Category, five entries, including Gekkeikan Tokusen, were awarded Gold Medals. In addition, only three entries among the gold and silver awardees, including Gekkeikan Tokusen, received the Great Value Sake award for their high quality and superior cost performance (at the award ceremony held in Yamagata Prefecture on May 18). The IWC Great Value Champion Sake 2018 award, which is given to the best sake among the Great Value Sake awardees, was awarded at the final ceremony held in London.

International Wine Challenge (IWC)

The fundamental principle behind our efforts at Gekkeikan is "Quality First." We aim to brew sake of the highest quality sake throughout all types, ranging from futsu-shu to junmai daiginjo. This encompasses our goal to ensure customer satisfaction at all times and to offer our products at competitive prices. This principle has been highly acclaimed, and we are convinced that it was instrumental in allowing the Tokusen to be awarded the IWC Great Value Champion Sake 2018 award. Guided by this principle, we will continue to fulfill our commitment to brew quality sake.

Award Summary and Product

Competition: International Wine Challenge (IWC) 2018
Category: Sake Competition
Award Name: IWC Great Value Champion Sake 2018
Award-Winning Product: Gekkeikan Tokusen
Announcement: At the IWC 2018 Awards Dinner held from 20:00 on July 10, 2018 (Tuesday) (local time)
Venue: Grosvenor House Hotel (JW Marriott), London, UK
Gekkeikan Tokusen
From left to right: 1.8L bottle (JPY 2,181); 720mL bottle (JPY 919); and 300mL bottle (JPY 420). All products contain 16% to 17% alcohol by volume. All prices are suggested retail prices exclusive of tax.
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